1. Have fun. If you aren't having fun, find the staff member at your location, or call HQ.

2. Play safe. The only physical activity you will be doing is walking. If you cannot safely walk 3-4 miles over the course of a day, then this event is not for you. If you cannot safely solve 7+/-2 puzzles over the course of a day, this event is not for you either. (Note: we think the course will be wheelchair accessible, however, it would be best if we know in advance about anyone participating that is in a wheelchair. Rain would probably be a problem.) You won't be asked to do anything illegal, immoral or in any way risky during this event. Please use crosswalks and obey traffic signals. There are active construction sites and roadwork in progress near some of the locations. You do not need to nor should you enter any construction site or work zone or any area that looks unsafe.

3. Play fair. Leave on-site clues in place so other teams can solve them. Don't do anything to disrupt other teams' solving. In general, don't do anything that would interfere with other teams having fun. If any locations are unstaffed, the puzzles will be prominently visible and labeled for each team. If you can't find a staff member and don't see the puzzles, call HQ.

4. Be polite. Some of the sites are public locations; others are private locations that we have made special arrangements to use. Please respect other people that may be using the site and do not leave trash behind or trample over areas not intended for walking.

5. Don't be hungry. There is no time set aside for a lunch break. There are a few places on the route where you can purchase food, but you'll probably be happier if you have some snacks and drinks with you. There will be snacks at the final location.

6. Don't get wet. Be prepared for rain. You live here; you know what that means.

7. Low tech. This is a low tech event. Cell phones are allowed and, in fact, each team must have at least one. Use of the Internet is unnecessary and discouraged.