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SNAP is "Seattle and Nearby Adventures in Puzzling," a series of puzzle events in the greater Seattle area. SNAPs are semi-sequential treasure-hunt style puzzle events, played on foot, outdoors, on a single day. Depending on your perspective, the event is a day spent solving a few puzzles, interrupted by short walks, or taking a few short walks, interrupted by puzzles. Previous SNAPs include:
Teams that win a SNAP are encouraged to consider hosting a future SNAP although there is no requirement to do that.

The "Bay Area Night (or Noon) Game" is a series of puzzle events hosted in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. SNAP 21 is a replay of BANG 21. For more information, see http://theburninators.org/bang21/. Note that there are some differences between BANG 21 and SNAP 21 so use those pages only for reference, not for information about SNAP 21.

What's with the strange numbering? What happened to SNAP 1, why was BANG 22 before BANG 21 and why are we skipping from SNAP 5 to SNAP 21?
No one knows what happened to SNAP 1. [AFTERNOTE: "21" was the theme of this BANG/SNAP, as became clear to teams when the event started.]

What does it cost?
$50 per team, which goes entirely to covering the costs. This is a non-profit, non-commercial event. If the amount collected exceeds our expenses, we will refund it or pay it forward (to a future SNAP). The cost includes light snacks at the final location and wrap up session. If you have special dietary concerns other than vegetarian, please let us know.

When does it start/end?
Plan to be at the starting location at 9:00 a.m. to check in. There will be a brief orientation at 9:15 and we'll start at 9:30. We'll be done by 4:00 p.m.

Where is it?
Downtown Redmond. You will learn the starting location when we receive payment.

What if it rains?
You'll probably get wet. The event is on foot, and some puzzles are outdoors. If there's any chance of rain on the day of the event, you should plan for it by bringing appropriate clothing. An umbrella wouldn't hurt, either.

What should I bring?
Paper, pens and/or pencils, including colored pencils or crayons, scotch tape, a pair of scissors, a ruler and at least one clipboard and cell phone. You may not need all of these supplies but you won't need anything else. You will be provided with a map. This is a low tech event. Use of the Internet is unnecessary and discouraged.

Are there any hidden puzzles on this site?
There are no hidden puzzles on this site. If we put any puzzles on this site, they will be clearly marked.

Do I need to be athletic for this?
No. This is not a physical challenge event. It's a puzzle event, that happens to take place at multiple locations. You will end up walking less than four miles over the course of the day, you won't walk that full distance at once, and you'll have time to rest while solving puzzles. If you have particular concerns, please contact us.

Do I have to sign a waiver?
As noted above, this is not a physical challenge event. We are asking teams to sign a modest waiver:
By signing below, I agree that I am participating in the event of SNAP 21 of my own free will. (Minors must have a parent or guardian sign on their behalf.) I agree to hold the SNAP 21 organizing committee (the organizers) and all affiliated persons and organizations harmless for any liability, damage, injury, loss or claim that occurs in connection with participating in the event. I understand that this is an outdoor puzzle-solving and walking event. I agree that I will not do anything unsafe during the event. If I think that I am asked to do anything unsafe, I will notify the organizers immediately. I understand that there are several construction areas in downtown Redmond and understand that I should not enter these areas at any time.

What constitutes a team?
For this SNAP, a team is three to five people. Supervised children are welcome, as well -- we trust your discretion about whether to count them against the team size.

How do we sign up / make payment?
Register here. We will contact teams with instructions on how to make payments once the cost is finalized. Please make sure that email from snap21 <at> puzzlehunt <dot> org will not be caught by your spam filter.

What if we need to change or cancel our registration?
Resubmit the registration form with the updated info (using the same team name!) and include an explanation in the comments. You can also send us email.

Is there a limit on the number of teams?
This event will be limited to 40 teams. If more teams sign up, then we'll have a waiting list.

I'm busy that weekend / I can't be there for the whole event. Is there a way I can still participate?
You might be able to beta test or help us out in other ways. Contact us for more information.