A Seattle area replay of BANG 21, created by The Burninators and hosted by the Linguistic Geographers

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SNAP 21 was won by the Usual Scrubbers. More results will be posted soon.
The Burninators are (in alphabetical order): Corey Anderson (21st letter, 21 elements), Dan Egnor, Doug Zongker (21 dots), Ian Tullis (21 equals), Melinda Owens (21 years), Nick Baxter, Trisha Lantznester (Twenty-One game show), Wei-Hwa Huang (21 blackjack and meta).

The Linguistic Geographers are: Bruce Kaskel, Bruce Leban (21 signs on a path), Geoffrey Antos, Jared Roberts, Rhett Robinson, Robin Schreiebman and Roy Leban (21 letters in a triangle).

SNAP 21 is a Seattle and Nearby Adventures in Puzzling event. Like previous SNAPs, it's a puzzle/treasure hunt played on foot by small teams along a modest walking course. Players can expect to either take a few short walks, interrupted by solving puzzles, or solve a few puzzles, interrupted by short walks.

Date: Saturday, May 9th, 2009
Time: 9:00 a.m. check-in; 9:15 orientation; 9:30 start
Duration: approximately 5-6 hours
Location: downtown Redmond (starting at Todai)
Cost: $50 per team

FAQ: here
Rules: here
Register: here
Questions? email snap21 <at> puzzlehunt <dot> org
Special thanks to:

The Burninators
& Wei-Hwa Huang and Dan Egnor
for laser cutting

Thanks to Jason Wodicka and Sylvia Wodicka for helping on the day of the event.